Today Companies can easily access Hardware and Software from unorganized small and large players like electronic stores, office supply stores and even other resellers. However their need for competitive pricing, reliable service and scalable solutions. In contrast, Computer Centre offers certified products, expertise, economical offerings, quick response, timeliness of product and service delivery and an array of complimentary services. While Computer Centre is not a manufacturer of the IT products it sells, the company plays a .

strategic role in getting the right technology products and services from its list of reputed vendor partners that includes Cisco, HP, Microsoft, VMware, Cyberoam among others. Doing business with us, gives you access to the latest technology, a vast array of technology products and software, and the certified capabilities to manage them for you. Our product range includes high-end mission critical equipment such as servers systems, high-end storage equipment, biometric devices, network security devices, PC’s, laptops, mobile.

devices, printers, plotters, UPS, routers, switches among others. Our software range delivers software from leading partners to design, build and manage dynamic infrastructures that enable you to improve service quality, to increase flexibility and to raise efficiency. It is designed for virtualized and automated environments that drive business agility and commonly includes boxed based software and database management solutions.